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Dick’s Sporting Goods is a one-stop shop for all your athletic needs, offering a vast selection of equipment, apparel, and footwear for various sports. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, Dick’s has something for everyone. But before you gear up for your next game, it’s crucial to know their closing hours.

This comprehensive guide will answer your burning question: “What time does Dick’s Sporting Goods close?” We’ll delve into their standard operating hours, explore potential variations, and provide helpful tips for planning your shopping trip.

Standard Dick’s Sporting Goods Closing Hours

Generally, Dick’s Sporting Goods stores adhere to the following closing times:

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 7:00 PM

These hours offer ample opportunity to browse their extensive inventory throughout the week. Weekdays provide flexibility for after-work shopping, while weekends cater to those seeking leisurely shopping sprees.

Potential Variations in Closing Hours

While the standard hours provide a good starting point, there can be exceptions due to several factors:

  • Location: Dick’s Sporting Goods operates across the United States. Stores situated within malls might adhere to mall timings, which could differ from standalone locations.
  • Holidays: During major holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve, Dick’s might have adjusted closing times. It’s always best to check beforehand.
  • Special Events: Occasionally, Dick’s may extend their hours for special sales events or promotional campaigns.

How to Find Out the Exact Closing Time for Your Local Dick’s Sporting Goods

Here are some reliable methods to determine the precise closing time for your nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods:

  • Store Locator: Visit the official Dick’s Sporting Goods website . Utilize the store locator tool by entering your zip code or city and state. The search results will display the address, phone number, and most importantly, the specific store timings.
  • Google Maps: A quick Google Maps search for “Dick’s Sporting Goods near me” will typically display the store’s address, along with operating hours based on the current date.
  • Call the Store: For the most up-to-date information, you can directly contact your local Dick’s Sporting Goods by phone. The phone number should be readily available on the store locator on the Dick’s website or through Google Maps.

Planning Your Dick’s Sporting Goods Shopping Trip

By knowing Dick’s Sporting Goods’ closing hours and employing the methods mentioned above, you can plan your shopping trip efficiently. Here are some additional tips:

  • Consider Weekday Evenings: Weekdays after work often see less foot traffic compared to weekends. This allows for a more relaxed shopping experience and easier access to staff assistance if needed.
  • Take Advantage of Online Shopping: Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a user-friendly online store. You can browse their entire inventory 24/7 and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or in-store pickup options.
  • Sign Up for Alerts: Subscribe to Dick’s email alerts or text notifications to stay informed about upcoming sales, special promotions, and potential changes in store hours.


By following these guidelines, you can conquer the question of “What time does Dick’s Sporting Goods close?” with confidence. With a little planning and the resources available, you can ensure a smooth and successful shopping experience at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods. Now get out there and find the perfect gear to fuel your athletic ambitions!

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