5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Hassle-Free Roof Replacement

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Hassle-Free Roof Replacement

Once you’ve scheduled a roof replacement, you must look forward to preparing your home for it. You must do some things to boost your home’s looks and confidence while investing in replacing your home’s roof. 

To make a difference and streamline the replacement process, you need to think about what’s just ahead. In this blog post, we’re going to explain the six most notable tips that will help you streamline roof replacement. 

Plan A Day Out for Your Children & Pets

Work zones aren’t safe for children and pets to wander around in. So, it’s best to plan a couple of days of outings for them. 

You can visit some family, take a day trip to a nearby park or late, go to the zoo in the daytime, or just look for childcare or a pet sitter during roof replacement. You also do the same while your home’s roof repair. This way, you can prevent accidents and streamline your construction site—your home. 

Park Your Car Away from Your Home

During the roof replacement, be sure to keep your home’s garage door shut. You must park your car away from your home instead of parking it in your driveway. 

Once you do so, your car will be well-protected, and roofing professionals will have easy access to their truck, in which the tools are placed. 

Focus On Securing Your Home Interior

Upon the removal of your current roof, you may consider some repairs for your roof deck. Strong vibrations from hammers and machinery on your home’s roof can penetrate your walls. So, how do you prepare yourself for that? 

You must walk through the floor beneath your roof. To ensure the protection of your belongings, remove pictures from the walls, remove all the knickknacks from the display, and take down any decorative piece that might topple over when the walls vibrate. 

If you have any decorative light fixtures, such as chandeliers, don’t forget to remove them before replacing your home’s roof. What’s more, be mindful to consult with a trusted insurer for your home’s insurance roofing claim in case any major loss occurs. 

Trim Trees, Low-Hanging Bushes, & Grass 

If one or more trees with low-hanging branches touch your existing roof, you must prune them before your roofing contractor arrives. 

Your contractor will utilize drop fabrics to protect your landscaping right next to your home. So, it’s advisable to cut your grass before the contractor arrives. The short grass will make it easy for the roofers to find fallen debris in your yard. They’ll appreciate your kindness in cutting the lawn as they get ready each day after work.

Be Sure to Store Outdoor Items Away More Securely

The best move is to move your outdoor grill, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, toys, and potted plants to your garage or shed while replacing your home’s roof. 

If your garage has no space or shed, you can move these outdoor items to your yard or any area that’s out of the way of your roofing team. Do it before the arrival of your contractor so that they can work more smoothly.

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