How Old Is My Phone?

How Old Is My Phone

Let’s delve into the response to the famous query about mobile phones which is how old is my phone if you also want to know the answer to this question then you have come to the right place because today we are about to tell you ways how you can find this out yourself with no difficultly, so continue reading. 

In the present speedy universe of cell phone innovation, it tends to be difficult to tell how much life your gadget has left. Customary programming refreshes expand the ease of use of current cell phones by further developing execution and tending to security weaknesses. 

Nonetheless, knowing how old your phone is still matters when choosing if it addresses your issues. Is it now an old model on out, or still dependable long into the future? There are many ways to find out the answer to the question that asks how old is my phone and we are going to tell you those. 

Knowing how old your phone assists you with settling on shrewd choices, such as choosing when to overhaul, overseeing battery duration for more seasoned models, or checking if it’s safe for significant errands. So here are simple methods for looking at and finding how old your phone is. 

Straightforward Ways Of Actually Taking A Look At “How Old Is My Phone”

Straightforward Ways Of Actually Taking A Look At “How Old Is My Phone”
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The following are a few simple ways to determine the age of your phone: 

Take A Look At The Case 

One of the most straightforward and fastest ways of deciding your phone’s age is by checking the assembling date on the container. Find your phone’s case, flip it over, and search for a white sticker with scanner tags and numbers. This sticker generally incorporates the phone’s assembling date. 

Investigate Your Phone’s Settings 

Since you want to know the answer to the query that asks how old is my phone then you should know this. Assuming you never again have the crate with you, your phone’s settings can likewise offer a few hints. Simply: 

i. Open the Settings application on your device. 

ii. Go to the segment called About Phone (or it’s identical relying upon your phone’s image). 

iii. Search for terms just as “Manufacturing date,” “hardware version,” and “serial number,”. 

iv. The assembling date may be expressed, or it very well may be encoded inside the chronic number. Manufacturer customizations can affect where Android smartphone users can find the manufacturing date in Settings. Investigate menus such as “Hardware Versions” or “Version Information” inside the About Phone segment. 

Sorting Out The Serial Number Of iPhones

Sorting Out The Serial Number Of iPhones
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We have already given you the response to the question that asks how old is my phone and now we are about to how you can find out the serial number of iPhones. This is the process: 

i. Macintosh now and again encodes fabricating data in the chronic number of iPhones and iPads. go to the option of Settings, then General, to see your iPhone’s serial number. 

ii. Search for the chronic number. You should look down to track down the ICCID and IMEI/MEID. 

iii. When you have the chronic number with you, to find the first buy date just enter the chronic number on Apple’s page of “Apple’s Check Your Service and Support Coverage.” 

Since you want to know the answer to the query that asks how old is my phone then you should know this. Assuming none of these techniques suggest your phone’s years, consider looking on the web for your particular phone sample and “manufacturing date” to locate assets that could be useful. 

However, be wary of third-party apps and websites that claim to use your IMEI number to determine the age of your phone. These probably won’t be solid and could be a security risk, possibly taking your data or undermining your gadget. 

Instructions To Broaden A Cell Phone’s Life

Instructions To Broaden A Cell Phone's Life 
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Since you want to know the answer to the query that asks how old is my phone then you should know this. To keep your cell phone chugging along as expected and in top condition for quite a long time into the future, here are a few different ways you can broaden your cell phone’s life: 

1. Stay Cool

Keep your temperature down. Try not to leave your phone in direct daylight or a hot vehicle, and consider eliminating the case while charging to forestall heat development

2. Keep It Away From Water

Electronic devices are particularly vulnerable to water damage. Try not to get your phone wet and put resources into a waterproof case on the off chance that you want additional insurance. 

3. Utilize A Defensive Case 

Utilize a durable case and screen defender to relieve harm from unintentional drops and effects. Since you want to know the answer to the query that asks how old is my phone then you might be also interested in knowing this. 

4. Update Consistently 

Programming refreshes frequently accompany execution enhancements and bug fixes. Make a point to introduce and refresh your phone when an update opens up. 

5. Utilize A Certified Charger 

Modest or inconsistent chargers can harm your battery. Consequently, utilizing certified chargers or one from a rumored company is constantly suggested. 

6. Try Not To Overcharge

Outrageous temperatures and quick pursuit can wear your battery after some time. Think about utilizing upgraded charging settings if accessible on your phone. By doing so, you can not only safeguard your phone but also contribute to its overall longevity. 


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In this article, we successfully describe the common and very famous query about phones that asks how old is my phone, and apart from that we talked about many other things related to the phone and their age. To wrap it up it can be said that the way to check your phone’s age is not completed at all and anyone can do this. 

If you are interested in the tech and device field then you might want to know more about the tech world. If you have any questions on your mind about this field or this particular article then you can easily reach us on our official email ID or you can ask us any questions in the comment box. See you in the next blog. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

How Might I Check When My Phone Was Enacted Interestingly? 

Both Android cell phones and iPhones don’t highlight an obvious method for sorting out the date when your gadget was initiated. In any case, assuming you have never reset or eliminated your Google record or Apple ID from your phone, it shows whenever you first endorsed it (for Android) and when it was last reset (for iPhone). 
On Android, go to the Google segment from Settings then Manage Google Account, and then the Security option tap on your gadget to see the main endorsed date. Concerning iPhones, send off Settings and go to Cell to take a look at the last reset date. On the off chance that you never played out a reset, that date shows when the iPhone was initiated. 

Can The Imei Number Of My iPhone Tell Me How Old It Is? 

While there’s no authority way from Apple to check your iPhone’s age utilizing an IMEI number, you can go to outsider sites like IMEI Data to get data like the date of assembling.


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