False Claims That Led Businesses To Lose Money – Drive Social Media Lawsuit

Drive Social Media Lawsuit

There are a few local businesses that claim that what initially started as a move to grow the brand turned into a very costly mistake. Now, they are all warning other businesses to be careful prior to investing in any kind of social media marketing company. One such example of a social media marketing company that gave very high hopes to their clients but did zilch is – Drive Social Media.

In this article, I will be discussing the Drive Social Media lawsuit that’s going out about them and more. Keep reading till the end of the article to find out more information about the same!

Drive Social Media Lawsuit

Drive Social Media Lawsuit
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There has been a lawsuit going on about the digital marketing company named “Drive Social Media” for a while now. A few local businesses claimed that they opted for the services of the Drive Social Media company but it ultimately turned out to be a rather expensive hit. 

Speaking to the newspaper, a man named Thomas Bledsoe, who runs the TNT Elite Credit (North County), claimed that Drive Social Media made all kinds of fake promises that almost put his business under. 

Bledsoe had signed a contract where he was promised four targeted ad campaigns on the platform of Facebook quarterly. The contract though did not mention any kind of guarantees or results. Even after acknowledging the contract he had questions about the sales pitch. 

At present driving social media exceeded $35M in annual revenue and serving nearly 2,000 customers. Drive social media operates from six national locations like St. Louis, Tampa, and TN; Atlanta. They employ 250 employees to drive social media and are honored with a twin-time Adweek Fastest Growing Agencies award. Also featured in the 500 Inc. it includes the six times in the 2000 Inc. list.

He claimed that he got nothing but a single lead so he stopped paying them (which resulted in a breach of contract to ultimately Drive Social Media suing him).

Other Similar Instances

Other Similar Instances
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Another client who had a bad experience with Barbara Chappuis was Bee Naturals. It is a skincare company that also runs a store and spa in the region of Maplewood. Their company also got sued by Drive as well due to similar circumstances occurring as the previous case. 

Chappuis said in a statement that there was no ROI (return on investment) and the pressure of paying up the monthly bill according to the contract, became tough for her, as she was not making any of the promised “high number of sales” for her business. 

Drive Counter-Statement To The Made Accusations

Drive Counter-Statement To The Made Accusations
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Drive Social Media said that they have helped a lot of businesses in being able to generate leads and drive growth with 80% of their client base having renewed their contracts beyond just the initial term. 

They also said that they are unable to comment on any specifics of the made accusations but that there’s a public record related to these cases which shows judgments in favor of Drive Social Media company. 

Keep reading even further to know more about the Drive Social Media lawsuit!

Further Investigations Led Out More Skeletons From The Closet

Further Investigations Led Out More Skeletons From The Closet
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An investigation by various credible news sources into the mentioned “Missouri Court Records” has found that over 8 years, they sued 39 businesses, and claimed that various clients owed them a total of up to $765,000. 

At the end of it all, Drive Social Media (DSM) did not get any serious charges from the court for their doings while most of their clients are zilch out of investing in DSM. 

Red Flags In SMM Companies To Look Out For

Red Flags In SMM Companies To Look Out For
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While social media marketing companies are indeed very helpful in bringing in new leads for companies and driving sales, there are a lot of ones out there that are simply fraud. Here I have compiled for you a list of red flags to look out for when determining the best social media marketing company for your business: 

They Promise Overnight Magical Results

They Promise Overnight Magical Results
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If the company that you are scouting promises you “too good to be true” results within a short time frame then that’s a red flag in itself. There’s no such SMM agency in the entire world that can guarantee to deliver your business with impactful results over a very short period. Implementing SEO tactics is a long-term and consistent process. 

Steer clear from companies that guarantee your business 100% online success within a week for example or even a month! SEO efforts only when consistently implemented for a long amount of time bring in positive results and leads.

The SMM Agency Themselves Have Questionable Platforms

The SMM Agency Themselves Have Questionable Platforms
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This one’s totally a giveaway! If they are so sure in their business building and lead driving capabilities then of course they should have first implemented it on their sites. 

Prior to choosing a social media marketing agency make sure to check out their website and how appealing and well-optimized it is. You should also make sure to check out their social media profiles and how well they are campaigning for their brand.

They use Par Tools

The type of software and tools that an SMM agency invests in actually indicates how well and dedicated they are to drive successful results for their clients. The tools that they use prove their capability and seriousness in the business. 

Before investing in a SMM company, ask them about the tools they use. A legit company will not deter from sharing with you the types of tools they use. Credible companies are always fair and transparent about their practices. 

What Is The Future Of Social Media Innovation?

What Is The Future Of Social Media Innovation?
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The drive social media lawsuit is not just a legal battle, it’s a reflection of the broader trends that are shaping the social media landscape. The rise of social media platforms created a dynamic and more competitive environment where innovation is the first preference for survival.

Check out some of the key trends that shape the future of social media invitations.

The rise of new platforms:

The social media landscape constantly evolves in the invitations of new platforms and new platforms are emerging to cater to the specific needs and the user’s requirements.

Growth Of AI:

AI plays an important role in social media from content moderation.

Better Focus And Privacy:

Every user is aware of their own safety and data privacy. This also led to a growing demand for the platform’s priority.

Social Commerce Growth:

Social media platforms are becoming increasingly integrated with the growing e-commerce and also it is going to allow users to shop directly through their favorite platforms. 

Focusing on the specific legal disputes that drive social media lawsuits highlighted the social media industry in a broader challenge and the increasing opportunity. This industry evolves in the invitations and remains the key driver for growth and increasing the success ratios.

How Does The Drive Social Media Lawsuit Campaign Turn Into a Digital Advertising Victory?

How Does The Drive Social Media Lawsuit Campaign Turn Into a Digital Advertising Victory?
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The drive social media lawsuit campaigns is a full data-centric video campaign approach. That leverages digital marketing tactics in line with the shift in advertising preferences. Also, change legal marketing. Videos are series of last less than one minute this is an optimal view duration and creates an intense and lasting impression.

To make the advertisement more impactful the video productions of the drive social media lawsuit campaigns purposefully coordinated with the relatable storytelling method. Storyline features are real-life legal scenarios and resonate with the everyday human and the law firm representing him.

That includes the compelling story of the mother who is fighting and losing the financial battle with the hospital threatening and suing the medical bills. The dedicated staff of the personal injury law firms is posted as the superhero with clear demonstrations of the importance of powerful and experienced representations.

Each of the Drive social media lawsuit campaigns presents a unique approach to the audiences and individual firm’s data. It captivates the views and values of each firm’s services. These data concentrated on digital marketing strategies which successfully drove the social media lawsuit campaigns and caused the evolution of legal marketing.

To Wrap It Up!

To Wrap It Up!
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If you are a business owner and are thinking of resorting to Social Media Marketing companies to drive more gain then by all means go ahead. But at the same time, you also need to do proper research on the company beforehand and read over the contract carefully before signing it. 

Thank you for reading up till the end of this article. I hope you found the information about “Drive Social Media Lawsuit” to be useful.


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