BTB Savage Age

BTB Savage Age

Here in this article, we are going to answer the query that asks BTB Savage age and apart from that we are also going to give you all the details related to BTB Savage, so to know more about him continue reading. BTB Savage is a very famous name in the world of rap music, in a very short time he was able to attract an audience and become famous. 

At a young age, he becomes a well-known rapper in the American music industry. The actual name of BTB Savage is Darrell Gentry and he indeed has a captivating attitude the reason behind his popularity apart from his undeniable talent in music. 

He had quite an impact on the rap music industry and in a very short career time he managed to work with some of the biggest names in the American music industry such as Future, Lil Wayne, and Travis Scott. Here we are going to provide details about BTB Savage age. 

Name Of The Celebrity BTB Savage 
BTB Savage Age23 At The Time Of Death
Date Of Birth 14th July, 1999
Place Of Birth Cleveland Ohio
Date Of Death 30th March, 2023
Name Of The Father Unknown 
Name Of The Mother Bernita Ward 
Name Of The Girlfriend Unknown 
Marital StatusUnmarried 
Color Of The Eye Black 
Color Of The Hair Black 
Weight 61 Kg
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches 
Net Worth 1 Million Dollar 
Citizenship American 
Religion Christianity 

Who Is BTV Savage?

Who Is BTV Savage?
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He has many successful concerts all over the world. Here we are going to provide you with all the details about his personal and professional life, so continue reading. Before giving you the information that you ask about BTB Savage age first, let’s give you some proper details about who BTB Savage was. 

He was a successful rapper in the American music industry and became a millionaire in a short time. He was a famous rapper from Roswell who got murdered by one of his fans Dion. If you are interested in his life then later in the article we are going to talk more about him. 

Life Of BTB Savage 

Life Of BTB Savage 
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Since you are interested in knowing about BTB Savage age then we thought that you might also be interested in knowing about his early life. He was born in 1999 and did not have a secure childhood, he had to face many difficulties while growing up. 

His family was a poor farmer family and poverty is something that he had to face from childhood but that could not surprise his interest in music and rapping. He went to the F. Kennedy High School and after he graduated from there he joined the army and served there for almost 4 years. 

He goes to tough locations like Iraq and Afghanistan and there he has stress disorder and post-traumatic stress but instead of drowning in his agony he uses this feeling and conveys it with the help of music. He lived a very short life but still achieved many things with the help of his talent and dedication. 

Cause Of The Death

Cause Of The Death
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We have told you about the BTB Savage age, as he died when he was 26 years old.  He lived a very short life and on 30th March of the year 2023, he was found dead in Houston Texas. As per the local time, it was 6:10 p.m. and BTB Savage was in his white Mercedes-Benz which was near River Oaks, and he was driving his car. 

The two people came near to his car and fired at him. After some shooting rounds, BTB Savage got shot and was dead right there. After that, those two men got out of the car and left the scene. It is reported that the two people were all in black and wore sunglasses and that is the reason people could not recognize them. 

After the police came they blocked the entire crime scene and the news got out on Twitter. After the news became public fans from all over the world conveyed their sadness to the rapper and his family. He will always be missed in the hearts of his fans because he was a great rapper and achieved many things in such a short time and now we will never be able to know what the future could have been. 


BTB Savage age
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Here in this report, we have given you the answer to the inquiry which is the primary cause of why you are here. The query asks who BTB Savage is what is BTB Savage age and every piece of knowledge that you require or would like to know about this query. 

To wrap it up it can be said that he was indeed a great talent but unfortunately, he left us at a very young age and left an empty place in the hearts of his fans with his absence. 

We hope you find this writing worth your time and appreciate reading this report about all the points that you should learn about this query. If you like to share anything you can use the comment sections to raise your opinion.

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